Preselling Condo At Shore 2 Residences

When you choose to buy a home at shore 2 residences, you will have the freedom to choose a unit that suits your tastes and preferences. The units are designed to cover the needs of bachelors, professionals as well as the people who are looking to start their own families. If you are an investor, you could grab this opportunity to make an investment in rentals. You do not want to miss an opportunity of owning a home on this remarkable island. You could choose a unit from various units available such as 1 bedroom with balcony which measures 24.1 to 29.9 square meters. From this unit you can view the Makati Skyline and Manila Bay. You could also choose to buy a 1 bedroom end unit with balcony about 25.5 to 28.8 square meters in size. From this unit you will also view Manila Bay and Makati skyline.

There is also a 1 bedroom with balcony and Den measuring about 33.2 to 33.4 square meters. The other unit available is a 2 bedroom unit with balcony; the size range is 59.1 square meter. From this particular unit you can have a spectacular view of the Manila bay. As you can see, you can find a unit that go well with your needs. The unit will be delivered with great features; for instance, the kitchen will be fitted with a kitchen sink, kitchen base as well as overhead cabinets and the floor will have tiles. The living room, dining room and bedroom will have painted walls and ceiling and the floor will be made of tiles. The toilet and bath room will be fitted with lavatory, water closet, exhaust fans and shower set. The balcony will have painted railings as well as painted wall and ceiling. Shore 2 residences should be the next place you consider when looking to buy a home.

Island Living

What is your dream home? When you close your eyes and think about ultimate relaxations, do your day dreams lead you to cool, tropical waters, sandy beaches and coconut trees swaying in the breeze? Do you hear the waves lapping at the shore of your own private lagoon on some island getaway? And what if you could get that private island feel and still be close to all the modern convinces and entertainment options? If that is what you want, Shore 2 Residences is for you!

Shore 2 Residences is located next to SMDC’s Shore Residences property, close to the grounds of the Mall of Asia, in the area of Manila known as the entertainment district, which is Pasay City. Home to amusement parks, shopping and nightlife, Pasay City is the economic epicenter for Metro Manila.

History of Metro Manila

Manila City was established on June 24, 1571 by the Spaniard Miguel Lopez de Lega?pi, a date which is still celebrated only in the first city of the National Capital Region or Metro Manila. Metro Manila is made up of 17 cities and municipalities. Prized for its strategic location and trade route, this “Pearl of the Orient” has lived under many different flags of conquest, giving Manila its exquisite and abundant heritage.

When first settled by the Spanish, Manila already had a rich and culturally blended history. Up until the 14th century, Manila and the surrounding areas were ruled by different tribal kings. It was during this time that it is thought that the Philippines developed trade relations with China during the Ming Dynasty. In the 14th century, the tribal kings fell to a Hindu influence, most likely from Indonesia, but it’s possible India conquered the tribes.

Then from 1485 to 1521, Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei ruled, placing Manila under Muslim rule. In 1521, war broke out between the muslims and the hindus and raged until the Spanish conquered the islands in 1571. Spain held the Philippines for over 400 years, except for the years between 1762-1764. The British had control of the islands and Manila during this time while at war with Spain and France during The Seven Years War. Spain won back the islands and held them until 1898.

In 1898, the United States won The Spanish-American War and the Philippines became part of the United States at the signing of the peace treaty with Spain. The islands were a strategic hold in the Pacific for the United States, especially leading up to World War II. The Japanese captured the islands in 1942 and held them until the end of the war in 1945. Rule was returned to the United States, and on July 4, 1946, the United States declared the Philippines independent and it was returned to self-rule for the first time since the 14th century.

Pasay City is the 3rd smallest of the cities that make up Metro Manila, but it is the driving force of economic for the region due to the heavy amount of tourism the city has. Known as the “entertainment district” of Manila, Pasay City has the highest concentration of casinos, nightclubs, shopping and restaurants in Metro Manila.

As with all tourist destinations, people are required to run the industry, making Pasay City one of the highest employment districts in the country. Support industries, such as hospitals, banks, and other business have a thriving presence in this area. So, why not live where you work?  Shore 2 Residences offers a unique and relaxing take on island tranquility, allowing you to leave work at work and relax in your stunning condo.

Entertainment Options

It is easy to see why Pasay City has become the entertainment and economic capital of Metro Manila. It is the element of fun, whether in an evening out on the town, or a day of shopping and pampering yourself. With Shore 2 Residences, an SMDC project, you can have convenience of fun and a relaxing island get-a-way home all in one place. Imagine living in  an lagoon of luxury in an urban environment, all at an affordable price

Feel like expanding your mind? Just a hop away, historical and cultural centers await, like Manila Cathedral or the Quezon Memorial. A visit is either of these wonders is a great to celebrate the history of the Philippines. Take in a football game or swimming match at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, named after the national hero, Jo?e Rizal. It offers several sports venues for every fan, and has been known to host a concert or two.

The casinos of Roxas Boulevard offer nightclubs to dance the night away. Play some Roulette or Black Jack. Wine and dine that special someone at a world-class, fine dining restaurant. And its all conveniently located close to your new home.

Mall of Asia

Located close to the Mall of Asia, Shore 2 Residences know that families and professionals alike need to blow-off steam and reduce the stresses of every day life. The Mall of Asia offer something for everyone and it’s all within walking distance. The 4th largest mall in the Philippines, the Mall of Asia is also the 11th largest mall in the world. There’s plenty of space to indulge in a day of retail therapy.

Attend a concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. Lady Gaga opened the arena back in 2012, and since then artists like Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, and Maroon 5 have performed to sold out crowds. Pope Francis even held an audience there in 2015.

What better way to shake off the day than by descending into La La Land? The Mall of Asia has one of the most advanced theaters in the world, with Imax and a 4D cinematic experience (the first theater in the country to offer it.) Pamper yourself in the lavish Director’s Club, complete with reclining seats and butler service; yes butler service. The theater immerses you in the movie experience.

Is it dinner time? How about a snack? From Krispy Kreme donuts, cafés and other American-type fast food, to fine dining options, like the Movie Stars Café, you can find any type of cuisine from any country to tickle your tastebuds. And some of the restaurants even deliver. You don’t have to go far to have fun when you live at Shore 2 Residences.

Island Living

While urban living is exciting, sometimes you need a calm lagoon in the middle of that urban storm. Shore 2 Residences gives you that lagoon of calm in the middle of the ocean of the city. Island resort-style tranquility starts when you walk in the front door.

This 3-tower, modern condominium complex is designed to resemble a island resort setting, giving you the feeling of being on vacation while at home. Offering upscale living at an affordable price, the Shores 2 Residences allows you to get away from it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Like all SMDC properties, Shore Residences is built with function, fun, and families in mind, and delivers first-class services and five-star luxury in a welcoming environment. Security features include an entrance gate with guard, 24-hour security personal and CCTV cameras, so you can be sure your family’s safety is a top priority.                                                                                                                                                                        

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